British Museum experience guidelines

The British Museum’s Experience Design Guidelines are a set of living guidelines that communicate the Museum’s brand values through its products’ experiences. The goal for experience design is to align our product portfolio with shared principles, interaction models and visual style.

Category: Guidelines

Team: The British Museum

Problem: The British Museum developed a new visual language for its brand back in 2010. Though a lot of work went into the development of the visual language for print, little work went into the implementation of the visual language for digital products. As the Museum’s digital presence continues to expand, there is a growing need to standardise our approach to digital design.

Audience: 3rd party designers and developers began requesting guidelines to aid their work in crafting digital products for their clients within the Museum.

Process: We used the British Museum’s website as the main product to base the guidelines from. The design team began defining a core set of principles and components to be used across any digital product for the Museum.

A first draft to these guidelines launched in April 2017, with the hope to release a second version at the end of 2017. Another goal for the design team is to include a CSS theme specific to the British Museum.