British Museum Images website

The British Museum is the authoritative source of images depicting world culture and history including ceramics, sculpture, prints, drawings, and paintings. The British Museum’s image licensing website takes into account searching, pricing and ordering images from the Museum’s collection.

Category: Ecommerce

Team: The British Museum

Collaboration: 2020

Problem: The British Museum Images website has been neglected over the last few years. The images team have experienced issues with clients over the pricing calculator for images, as well as a cumbersome payment funnel. Visually, the British Museum Images was using an outdated visual style, which was out of step with the rest of the Museum’s digital portfolio.

Audience: The images team worked with a wide range of clients who look to license an image for a publication or personal use.

Process: The design process was relatively straightforward. I worked with the images team to define a visual style and gather user requirements. I worked closely with their development partners, 2020, to understand the technical parameters and the associated cost with implementation. Then, I meticulously worked through each section of the website to refine and/or simplify the user experience.

The project is now live: