British Museum website

The British Museum website receives thousands of visitors daily. Whether it is to look at what is coming up next, research a particular artefact, or plan a visit on-site, the British Museum’s website serves a breadth of audiences interested in its content.

Category: Enterprise

Team: The British Museum

Collaboration: Mentally Friendly

The current British Museum website runs off an outdated platform and content management system. The website has mutated over the years as a monolithic entity where content is both buried and outdated. The user experience is cumbersome and in need of an overhaul.

The website serves a myriad of users: general visitors, families, school groups, tour groups, researchers and academics.

The stakeholders are wide and varied. Every department fundamentally have a say in how their content is presented on the website. At the highest level, the director and board of Trustees have a keen interest in the development of a new website for the Museum and its collection.

Stakeholder management is probably one of the key drivers for this project. We gathered requirements from every department to understand the business needs for the website. We paired these business needs with the needs of our visitors, who best provide insights into how the website performs with their key tasks. The product development team strives to find a balance of these needs, while providing a user experience that is both intuitive to use and visually appealing.

The project is still ongoing with a future launch in 2018. I point out a few case studies in the Methods section to describe the design process for the main website in more depth.