British Museum website

The British Museum website receives thousands of visitors daily. Whether it is to look at what is coming up next, research a particular artefact, or plan a visit on-site, the British Museum’s website serves a breadth of audiences interested in its content.

Category: Enterprise

Team: The British Museum

Collaboration: Mentally Friendly

Problem: The current British Museum website runs off an outdated platform and content management system. The website has mutated over the years as a monolithic entity where content is both buried and outdated. The user experience is cumbersome and in need of an overhaul.

Audience: The website serves a myriad of users, including general visitors, families, school groups, tour groups, researchers and academics.

Stakeholders: Every department fundamentally have a say in how their content is presented on the website. At the highest level, the director and board of Trustees have a keen interest in the development of a new website for the Museum and its collection.

The new British Museum website is live now!