Living Health diabetes management

Living Health is an ecosystem of physical and digital products used for managing type 2 diabetes. The concept for Living Health is based around the ethos of balance. Both diet and exercise can have a profound positive impact on diabetes management, but both must be kept in balance with one another. The glucose monitors, as well as the digital platform, guide users to manage their condition, as well as support healthier lifestyle choices through the integration of diet and fitness tracking.

Category: Healthcare

Team: Native Design

Problem: Diabetes management can sometimes be a daunting task. Once a person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, there is an onslaught of changes that they must make in order to manage their condition properly. Taking medication, checking glucose levels and understanding what increases and decreases their blood sugar levels is a lot to process. Living Health was conceived as an ecosystem of diabetes management tools to alleviate the stress of daily management, as well as educate the user about lifestyle changes needed to tackle diabetes.

Process: The studio split into two teams. One team focused on the glucose monitors and other physical tools, and the other team focused on the digital experience that would help with the daily management and management of user data. I was tasked with developing the dashboard and defining the digital experience at the various touchpoints in their journey.

The project wrapped up at the end of 2012.