Project Gutenberg

An innovative concept developed for Pernod Ricard’s Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), Project Gutenberg envisioned a new rectangular form factor to replace the glass bottle, as well as introduce a digital experience that connected the product with an online ecosystem of services, ranging from e-commerce to a digital cocktail library. I worked on the user experience for the tablet app alongside a visual designer and creative technologist.

Category: Sustainability

Team: Native Design

Client: Pernod Ricard

Problem: Pernod Ricard, owner of various alcohol brands, saw an opportunity to impact a growing trend of home entertainment and hospitality. In many urban areas, adults tend to spend evenings entertaining guests at home. BIG looked to develop innovative concepts to augment the home entertainment space.

Process: See project on Native Design’s website for details.

An excerpt from the article “Pernod Ricard takes lead on cocktail ‘hometainment’” in The Drinks Business:

Now named Opn, the “pioneering, intelligent system”, which mixes cocktails and is controlled through an app, was first unveiled in 2014 under the working title Project Gutenberg. Today, the system made its official debut at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas, ahead of an anticipated commercial roll out in early 2018.